Friday, April 9, 2010

Where are those Keys?

I've always wanted a really great way to organize keys. You know, the extra car keys, the back gate key, your neighbor's spare house key, and the list goes on. And, I realize I either cram all the keys in one place or scatter them around all over the place. Either way, I can't easily find them when I need them.
Rather than clutter a single hook with several sets of keys, make a custom board that gives each set its own clearly labeled space. To make the board, have a piece of fiberboard cut to fit into a picture frame. Cover the board with a piece of fabric or extra wallpaper, and staple it at the back. Tuck the board into the frame, then nail on labels and attach one screw hook for each set of keys.

1 comment:

  1. i just love this idea. we have a little ledge built into the wall in our dining room. i have candle sticks that my dad made and really cute pictures of the kids here. but my husband also thinks its the perfect place for his keys. he even calls it the "key ledge". i plan to make this key organizer and hang it near the front door, so that i no longer have to look at my husband's keys on the "key ledge" next to my candle sticks :)
    thanks so much,