Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perfect Palettes - Part 1: In the Kitchen

As a child, choosing your favorite color was fun. Now, color often goes from fun to confusing but choosing perfect palettes for your home doesn't have to be daunting. To start, let your inner child come out and think about what colors you truly like the best. Paint chips and magazines are a great place to start, but you can also look to nature and everyday objects for inspiration. Keep a folder with your favorites and soon your preferences will emerge.

In the kitchen, we typically think of warm and nurturing colors. For example, a deep yellow-gold provides just the right visual temperature for a traditional look. For a fresh, updated look think about cooler blues and grays. Consider these 5 basic principles:

1. Seek ideas from the every day - a yellow bowl can inspire the paint color used on cabinets and a table. Walls can be painted the contrasting blue gray from a spoon.
2. Keep it simple - choose mellow colors in similar value if you're worried about making a mistake. Use slightly contrasting shades for the accessories.
3. Try unusual materials - with a conservative palette, you can be more daring with surfaces. Think about colors and design on the floors to create visual interest.
4. Find nuances in finishes - don't forget about the colors naturally in wood, stone and metal.
5. Think about how color feels - in a kitchen, this principle refers mostly to food presentation. Generally, food will look more appetizing against warm backdrops as opposed to cool tones.

Remember these as helpful hints rather than design rules. When it comes to color, the only real rule is that you choose your favorites! Stay tuned for Part 2: In the Living Room . . .

Elements: 1. Painted table 2. Cloth tape on blinds 3. Chair trim 4. Wooden blinds 5. Appliance finish 6. Chair fabric 7. Windsor chair 8. Wall color 9. Trim color 10. Table color 11. Countertop 12. Cabinet hardware 13. Floor 14. Runner 15. Vintage cupboard 16. Cabinet color 17. Cabinet hardware

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