Monday, April 19, 2010

Customize a Cabinet

Don't get rid of those furniture pieces you are tired of - turn them into a new, customized cabinet. Or, if you don't have any extra furniture in need of a face-lift, you can purchase unfinished "cubes" to make your own like this stylish green media cabinet.

This design project is as easy as downloading your newest fav app for the iPhone! Whether you use your own or buy something to repurpose, adding some unique knobs, curvy feet and gorgeous paint will evoke cool elegance. By combining open and closed storage, you'll have a place to showcase your favorite pieces or collections and conceal electronics (or other shame-inducing items like that "O.C." boxed set)!

How do I do this you ask?
  1. Select your furniture or basic storage cubes for your needs and space (for cubes, try or
  2. Pick out some decorative knobs at, or ebay
  3. If you want decorative feet, try or
  4. Decide on paint color - you might even consider two-tone
  5. Remove all existing hardware and paint piece inside and out. Let dry.
  6. Install knobs
  7. If adding feet, drill holes in the corners of the base of the bottom unit and screw on feet
  8. Stack cubes to form one piece, placing lighter ones on top
  9. To hide wires, drill a hole in the back of the cube or furniture that will hold electronics; run wires through opening and plug in
This photo: various cubes all at Gothic Cabinet Craft; painted in Cambridge Green and trimmed in High Park, both Benjamin Moore; knobs at Anthropologie; bun feet at Premier Wood.

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