Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Repurpose Your Lamps (or someone else's)

I know you've searched for tchotchkes on eBay. Have you ever considered reinventing one of your finds?Two kitschy fixtures like these are begging to be reinvented. Think about focusing on the unique shape of the lamps rather than all the colors. To make the pair more contemporary, you can spray-paint them in a glossy head-to-toe color and add some new shades.

This statuesque pair cost about $45; to score your own, search for "figural lamps" on eBay. As for the shades, go with very thick paper so the light spills out of the top and bottom, rather than shining through the sides (and illuminating any streaks once the shade is painted).
And voila, your fabulous new (repurposed) lamps!

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