Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Try Mythic

What is the easiest way to update or change a room? PAINT! What can be the most frustrating decision to make? PAINT COLOR! Today there are so many choices – choices in color, brand, no-VOC vs. low-VOC, type of sheen, to prime or not to prime – not to mention how much paint you will need and what will it really look like . . .

While some of these choices are made solely on personal taste, others are a matter of practicality. For instance:

  • An eggshell sheen is the most versatile due to it’s “cleanability”
  • Colors actually do affect your mood – stimulating colors are usually found in kitchens and dining rooms while soft, muted colors are usually in the bedroom
  • Dark and warm shades make rooms appear smaller while light and cool colors make rooms look larger and more spacious
  • If the new paint color is lighter than the current color or if you are painting a dark color, you will probably need primer

Mythic Paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odor paint that provides durability and coverage as well as a wide array of color options. Their web site offers a lot of great information, but my two favorites elements are the Paint Estimator (it accurately calculates the amount of paint you will need) and the Mythic Room Visualizer (you can play around with wall and ceiling color combos to get an idea of what your color choices will look like). Check them out!

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