Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Perfect Palettes - Part 2: In the Living Room

Last week we looked at creating perfect palettes in the kitchen and specifically, how to make the kitchen warm and nurturing. When setting the mood with color in the living room think about comfortable and bright. Immediately I think of reds and yellows - however, these colors are often challenging to work with. The key is to ground them with neutral colors like oatmeal gray which results in an inviting palette that's perfect for a relaxing gathering place in your home. Consider these principles:

1. Take a cue from nature - creamy white petals of flowers provide inspiration for accent pieces and the color of honey inspires fabric for upholstery and trimming.
2. Anchor with neutral colors - if your room contains vibrant colors, it is important that your dominant elements remain neutral (i.e., the sofa).
3. Enliven with accessories - bold pillow fabrics bring contrasting color and graphic interest to the overall design.
4. Make style enhancements - floral prints create cheerfulness and the inspiration of "nature" while an eclectic mix of furniture conveys a relaxed feel even if some pieces are more formal.
5. Add texture for variety - a patterned sisal rug and trim on curtains/chairs provide additional tactile elements as well as subtle color variations.

Elements: 1. Floor finish 2. Pillow fabric 3. Sofa fabric 4. Sofa 5. Sisal rug 6. Ceiling color 7. Trim color 8. Lamps 9. Curtain trim 10. Curtain fabric 11. Wallpaper 12. Stool fabric 13. Stools 14. Chair 15. Chair fabric 16. Chair trim

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