Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shutter Organizer

What do you do with your kid's overwhelming assortment of art projects? Or, how do you organize mail, letters, to-do lists, etc. around your desk? Wooden shutters can be just as functional inside as they are on the outside. In this picture, a painted trio hangs on the wall over a hallway console (shelf). The slots are a perfect spot to tuck invitations, display art or hang a message pad. Vintage hooks are mounted on a wooden plaque to keep up with the daily mail.

How to do this:
1. Choose your style and size of shutters.
2. If the louvers are adjustable, lock them in the "up" position by driving a small nail through the tilt bar and into the frame.
3. Sand and paint shutters.
4. Use level to mark position on wall of middle shutter; drill pilot holes in shutter and wall; mount with coordinating hardware; repeat with side shutters butting the snugly against the middle shutter.

Supplies: hammer and nails, medium-grit sandpaper, latex paint, paintbrush, a level and pencil, drill and mounting hardware appropriate for your wall.

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