Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect Palettes - Part 3: In the Bedroom

Ahhh, soothing and sophisticated. That's what we want to think about when we envision our bedroom retreat. Purple? No, think Plum . . . purple can seem young and playful, but when paired with graceful grays, subdued browns and chalky whites, the result is a grown-up palette that gives you a sense of comfort and elegance in the bedroom. A few ideas:

1. Give shine to dark surfaces - redo the finish on a piece of furniture by bleaching it to reflect light. A high-gloss white on the moldings brightens the walls that are painted deep shades of lavender and gray with similar intensity.
2. Add contrast - you have a ton of opportunity for texture in the bedroom. A striped headboard, linen and velvet pillow fabric, assorted trim details, and a hand-knotted area rug add texture that contrasts with the smooth bedding fabric. This can also broaden the range of browns and lavenders and can easily be swapped out for a different look.
3. Accent with furnishings - Sleek lines on a side table and a bleached finish on a dresser help reinforce the contemporary palette.
4. Consider views between rooms - Color schemes don't need to be the same from one room to the next, but they should harmonize. Master bedroom are usually located away from the common areas so this is a good place to be adventurous.

Room elements: 1. side table 2. bedding 3. curtains 4. pillow fabric 5. furniture finish 6. wall colors 7. trim molding 8. antique mirror glass 9. headboard 10. chair trim 11. pillow trim 12. lampshade trim 13. furniture pull 14. headboard fabric 15. curtain finial 16. chair fabric (back) 17. chair fabric (seat) 18. slate floor 19. fireplace tile 20. molding 21. area rug

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