Friday, May 21, 2010

Perfect Palettes - Part 4: In the Bathroom

If you want to feel like you're at a posh hotel at home, refined and relaxing should describe your bathroom. Pale-gray greens and blues enhance what might be a severe white palette. Here's how you can put the colors together:

1. Identify dominate elements - tile generally sets the tone in the bathroom. A celadon floor mosaic and sage wall tiles coordinate well without overpowering the whites.
2. Add contrast in small doses - that means towels, shower curtains and bath accessories. Pale pink salts make the tile seem more vibrant because complementary colors tend to intensify one another.
3. Use reflective surfaces - materials that bounce light will make your room feel larger. In addition to the mirror(s), chrome and nickel faucets and fixtures give this effect.
4. Look up - ceilings can be as important as the walls and floor. Don't settle for white, paint the ceiling the same soft green as the tiles to integrate the two planes.
5. Feature furnishings - light palettes serve as a backdrop for standout pieces with dramatic color or architecture.

Room elements: 1. towel monogram 2. wall sconce 3. mirror 4. console sink 5. chair 6. ceiling color 7. wall color 8. roller shade 9. floor mosaic 10. border tile 11. wall tile 12. faucet 13. bath salts

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