Monday, May 17, 2010

Sell Your Home for the Best Price

Most people who want to buy a home are looking to upgrade - your mission as a seller is to project a lifestyle of success, glamour, happiness and organization. How do you do this? In two words, home staging. Staging helps your home appear more valuable to prospective buyers.

1. Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal: whether it's new sod, fresh landscaping, new exterior paint or simply an updated front door and handle, curb appeal is your best bet to lure buyers inside.
2 Make A Memorable Entrance: the minute a buyer walks into your home, they should think, "looks good, smells good". Put an oversize mirror in your entry and fresh flowers or scented candles go along way in making a good first impression.
3. Update Old or Worn Aspects of Your Home: sand and stain your wood floors to look more luxurious. Steam clean or replace your carpet with a light taupe berber carpet because it appeals to most people and the light color makes rooms seem larger. If you have stone floors, have them pressure cleaned.
4. Position Your Pieces: move your furniture so that potential buyers can walk through without having to stop or adjust their path. This may mean moving a coffee table or chair out of the room. Open your mind to new layouts.
5. Modernize Your Kitchen: stainless steel appliances immediately add perceived value to any home.
6. White Out Your Bathrooms: give your bathrooms a "5-star" hotel look with luxurious white towels, fresh flowers and a scented reed diffuser.
7. Clean Your Closets: your closets should look and smell good. Have closets filled to half capacity; line shoes up neatly; and if the walls are scraped up and dingy - paint them white. Add a cedar block for scent and use matching clothes hangers. Remember, you're projecting a lifestyle of organization - subconsciously your closets should reflect that!
8. Make Your Master Look Luxe: present your master bedroom like a top-tier hotel suite. Use matching bed linens, add scented candles and fresh flowers, paint the walls a nice warm color, and clear the room of clutter.
9. Add the Illusion of Square Footage: increase the look of space by dramatizing whatever outdoor space you have, no matter the size.

Not only does home staging help your home value, it also helps your home sell faster. And for you, that means more money in your pocket!

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