Friday, May 7, 2010

And the winner is . . .

Beth H. and her impressive garage organization!!

In her words, "I have been planning to organize my garage shelves since we moved here 2 years ago, and was finally inspired to do it. I did this in about 2-3 hours and didn't spend any money."
I think the shelves look great and it's especially gratifying when you are able to use what you have and not spend additional money! Beth said she organized similar items together, put some rarely used items away in the attic and got rid of things they didn't need. She also has some things ready to take to Goodwill. This is a key to organizing - think about what you need/use, what you can give away, and what you can throw away - then get busy.
Congratulations on winning this month's Plum Perk - I'll get your Container Store gift card to you ASAP! Maybe it will help with that kitchen project you're planning . . .

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  1. Yahoo!!! This just made my day! Thanks for the motivation Amy!