Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Pack for a Move

Finding and moving to a new home is exciting. Packing up and leaving your old one is not. Simplify the process with these tips for packing . . .

1. Get rid of it. Piling stuff you don't need into boxes is ultimately a huge waste of time, money and moving day manpower. Before you start packing, get your junk under control. Go room by room and commit to selling, donating or trashing at least 20% of what you own.
2. Clean up. Once you've shed the excess, give everything in your house a thorough cleaning. You'll be glad to unpack clean, dust free items after the move.
3. Go shopping. For moving supplies. Figure out how many boxes as well as various shapes and sizes you will need for each room. Remember that smaller, lighter boxes are easier to carry than large, overloaded ones. Don't forget the packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and markers for labeling. Ask local stores for extra boxes (wholesale and liquor stores have tons) to save money!
4. Create a system. Make a packing plan and schedule. If possible, pack up an entire room every 2-3 days. In a hurry? Get some pizza and wine and invite friends over for a packing party. Find an out of the way place in each room to store boxes until the big day.
5. Wrap delicates. Even if your move is a close one, carefully wrap fragile items in bubble wrap. If you have an irreplaceable favorite, consider carrying it with you rather than packing it.
6. Label everything. Unpacking is simpler when every box is labeled. Label the box with contents as well as the appropriate room. This makes moving day and unpacking much faster.
7. Give yourself a break. Organization will keep you sane, but if you end up with a miscellaneous box containing a toaster, basketball and stapler, it's not the end of the world!
8. Leave it to the experts. If you are hiring movers, let them put the finishing touches on packing - especially things like bulky furniture and your flat-screen TV.
9. Save a box. Once everything is cleared out, you're sure to find a few forgotten items. Keep an extra box for the odds and ends, then just collect them all and you're on your way to your new home!

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