Monday, June 14, 2010

Feng Shui for your Bed and Bath

Creating a balanced bedroom is really very simple. Consider color, bedding, set-up and styles for a positive, relaxing space.

Color - select beige, brown and accent colors like pink and peach. Bedding - be sure to invest in new items. From a feng shui standpoint, bedding and mattresses contain the energy of other people who've slept there. Set-up - The back of your bed should be up against a solid wall (not a window) and face the door. Styles - be sure to use circular or oval items. Soft-edged chairs and pillows promote the flow of ch'i.
To promote energy in your bathroom, think about spring colors, lowered lids (who wouldn't love that?), warmth, mirrors and good vibrations.

Spring colors - the best colors for the bathroom are yellow, blue, cream, lavender and green which represent health and prosperity. Lowered lids - since it's the largest drain in the room, a toilet can suck energy from your space so be sure to lower the seat! Warmth - multiple light sources activate energy in the bathroom so keep a soft light or night light on at all times. Mirrors - in the bathroom, mirrors circulate energy. Just don't place one directly in front of the toilet which would circulate the dirty energy. Good vibrations - accessorize in pairs such as two towels, two picture frames or two decorative vases.

To learn more about feng shui and your home, check out this book: Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett.

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